Which Online Slots Pay Out the Most

If you have been playing with slot machines for a while, you know that the odds of winning slots from a casino website are small. It is not impossible, just small.

Nonetheless, every player has an equal opportunity to win since the game results are random, not to mention that many game developers bake in some components that make it easier to win. The randomness also happens on every spin, so the results do not have anything to do with the slots history.

Not all slots are created equal, and you must do your due diligence to study and decide which ones are worth playing.

But what slot machines should you play?

Play It According to Type

There are essentially two types of slot machines—one that has a jackpot and one that doesn’t.

You have to play those that offer jackpots because you will never know if you are the lucky person to hit it. And if you do, it can change your life and make you an instant millionaire.

There are three categories for slots that have jackpot prizes. These are:

  • Progressive — a progressive jackpot is a kind of pooled prize that accumulates over time. With each bet, a portion is allotted to the prize pool, and this pool will keep on increasing until somebody wins it. Once somebody does, the amount is reset to a minimum.

  • Fixed Jackpot – a fixed jackpot does not increase or decrease. Usually, it is a fixed amount of 250,000 coins. Some will pay more, and some will pay less.

  • Interlinked Progressive – this works in the same fashion as the progressive one, albeit the slot machine is played simultaneously by thousands of players at any given time. As such, the prize gets bigger and bigger every second and can hit to more than tens of millions.

You can win the jackpot by landing a desired combination of symbols in specific places. In some cases, the machine will take you to a bonus round where you need to spin a wheel. If you are lucky enough to get the wheel to stop at the desired spot, you win the coveted prize.

Play It According to Features

Slots that pay out the most are those that have bonuses. Examples of these are:

  • Wilds – a kind of symbol that substitutes for any symbol, with some exceptions, to constitute a win. Most of the time, it cannot substitute for scatter and bonus symbols.

  • Scatters – a kind of symbol that does not have to be on a specific spot to make a win. Typically, a scatter symbol pays out in terms of a multiplier value, which will be applied to your total stake, or it awards free spins.

  • Bonus Features – an extra game that you have to trigger that guarantees a reward. It comes in various forms like arcade-type games, spin the wheel rounds, choose a card or symbol, and many more.

  • Free Spins – the machine will spin for a specific number of times, and you do not have to invest anything. It will use the last bet amount that you used that triggered the free spins.

Play It According to the Prize

Of course, you need to choose slot machines that will pay out according to the prize. Some slots pay a maximum of 250x your line bet, and there are some that will pay as much as 50,000x your wager.

Here are two examples you may want to consider.

  • Mega Moolah – this is a slot machine with 25 play lines, and it operates on a 5X3 grid. It offers an interlinked progressive jackpot that awards millions of dollars. It is a popular slot that you can find in many online casinos worldwide.

  • Gonzo’s Quest – an award-winning slot machine that sits on a 5X3 grid that has a multiplier meter. It also has free spins bonus and a re-spin. Each time you win, the winning symbols will explode and be replaced with new ones, at no extra cost, giving you another chance to win.

  • Game of Thrones – a branded game that is based in HBO’s show. It has 15 pay lines, and it has wilds, scatters, and free spins. It also has multiplier wins that will be applied to your line bet or total stake.


There are thousands of slot machines out there. It will be a tad difficult to go through each one. But if you ever come across anything that you want to play, you must check the rules against the ones we mentioned here. Keep in mind that some games are designed so beautifully, but you must stick to the value of the money, not the aesthetics of the slot.

To check, you just have to go to the game menu and validate the rules. If you do not see wilds, scatters, and jackpots, you need to move on and look for a new one, even if the game is pretty amazing and caters to your aesthetic tastes.

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