Shanghai Electric’s 9 Projects Won 2020 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards
2021/06/10  EN_上海电气集团有限公司

Recently, the “2020 Shanghai Science & Technology Awards” (SH S&T Awards) was announced, and Shanghai Electric Group’s 9 projects were awarded, 3 Technology Innovation Awards and 6 S&T Progress Awards.

The “Rapid Calculation, Accurate Measurement of and Reduction Technologies for Non-stationary Noises of Mechanical and Electronic Devices” won the first prize of Technology Innovation Awards, whose R&D included Shanghai Highly Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Highly Electrical Appliances). The project team invented the sound-source visual recognition technology for periodical non-stationary noises and the test system for non-stationary noise’s source, and tackled the technological obstacle of detecting the noise source in the presence of strong interference, which allowed them to accurately identify non-stationary noise’s source of mechanical and electronic devices.

The “Key Technologies and Applications of Multi-Megawatt Battery Energy Storage High-Efficiency Converter and Wind-Solar-Energy Storage Integration” also won the first prize of Technology Innovation Awards, whose R&D involved Shanghai Electric Distributed Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The project team developed an on-and-off-grid solar energy storage inverter control system, and the “black start”, an invention made for the system, won the gold award at the China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Inventions. What’s more, the team led the development and publication of 2 international and domestic standards incorporating new energy storage structures, licensed 55 invention patents and published 3 monographs.

The third first prize went to the project “Development and Application of Full-Scale Automotive Wind Tunnel for Aerodynamics-Acoustic Performance” whose R&D included Shanghai Electric Blower Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly known as “Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd.”) The construction of the “full-scale vehicle wind tunnel” represents a paramount infrastructure for the independent R&D of China’s automobile and rail vehicles, particularly new energy vehicles, and offers theoretical and technological support for China’s auto industry to progress from “made in China” to “invented in China”.