Shanghai Electric Group Accelerates Digital Transformation by Acquiring Kezhi Electric
2021/06/08  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On May 28, Shanghai Electric Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Kezhi Electric Automation Co., Ltd. (Kezhi Electric) held a signing ceremony at the headquarter of Shanghai Electric Group, indicating that Shanghai Electric Digital Technology became the controlling shareholder of Kezhi Electric.


To boost digital transformation, Shanghai Electric orients at smart energy, intelligent manufacturing and smart cities and endeavors to build an “industrial ecology” comprising smart equipment, Industrial Internet, and e-commerce and offline services. Shanghai Electric Digital Technology is important for Shanghai Electric Group’s digital development and transformation because it serves as a new in-house driver for Shanghai Electric’s transformation and development by leveraging its advantages on equipment manufacturing, and it takes the lead in digitally-empowered technological innovation and application in industrial niches.

It makes a good match between expertise Kezhi Electric accumulated in the field of digitalized factories and solutions for Industrial Internet and digital integration devised by Shanghai Electric Digital Technology, and therefore the acquisition will improve the quality of overall digital solutions of Shanghai Electric Digital Technology. Both parties will amplify the synergistic effect through building Industrial Internet and developing industrial software and offer better services to clients.

Yang Hong, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Group, said at the signing ceremony that since its founding more than a decade ago, Kezhi Electric has serviced hundreds of known clients, and developed market channels and expertise in many technological sectors. Therefore, it will enhance Shanghai Electric’s capacity for designing digital solutions after joining the big family. Shanghai Electric will support Kezhi Electric’s development by helping it to get in contact with Shanghai Electric’s factories and partners to get more orders for digitalized factories. By promoting Shanghai Electric’s Industrial Internet platform SEunicloud, Kezhi Electric will have its projects introduced to and applied in a wider range of scenarios. She hoped that both companies can have more collaborations on technology and the market to build competitive advantages, take the lead in digitalization and assist Shanghai’s digital transformation.

Kezhi Electric founded in 2004 is a high-tech company targeting large manufacturers and the service industry, which provides overall systematic solutions on intelligent manufacturing and the Internet of Things. For more than a decade, it has developed an array of systematic solutions after researches and trials that meet the needs of different industries, clients, production sizes and procedures, which have been later recognized as standard and upgraded solutions for industrial application, and production management systems independently developed by Kezhi Electric. In this way, it owns a dozen of crucial technologies and intellectual property rights.

Related leaders were also present at the signing ceremony who were from the Informatization Section of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, headquarter of Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Electric Digital Technology and Kezhi Electric.